How do we react to manifest evil?

The Light of Compassion

  In these days that have followed the massacre in Las Vegas, many of us have likely been engaged in conversation that brings the question, how can this happen.  In talking with my wife and three children, I was moved to put a few thoughts in writing.  I hope I am not out of line, but thought I would share them with you.  I also shared on social media.  I know you know this better than I, but my goal is to remind the faithful, that it is never God who fails us.   

The massacre in Las Vegas is a horrifying reminder of man's ability to be corrupted by Evil.  History is replete with unimaginable horrors brought about by wickedness matured in the hearts of man.  When we witness such hell on earth, we may be tempted to ask: "Why did God permit this act?"  We must emphatically rebuke these thoughts; they are thoughts sown by the father of lies and they must be unanimously rejected.  Evil, when given opportunity, takes root and finds fertile ground in the darkness of hearts that are devoid of the Light of Compassion.    

When we witness such horror as observed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, we are given a choice.  We can allow darkness to enter our heart through a crack introduced by doubt.  This darkness breeds bitterness and distance, and when left unchecked, the Light of Hope in our heart is extinguished.  It is a self-imposed, evil-inspired severing of all that is good, because of the bad.  Alternatively, we can look to the aftermath of Evil unleashed and see with our own eyes an outpouring of deliberate compassion.  Compassion shown by those who used their body to shield others.  Compassion shown by those who cared for the wounded.  Compassion shown by those who helped the wounded to safety.  Compassion shown by those who stayed to give comfort while holding the hands of the mortally wounded.  Compassion shown by those First Responders who put others before self.  Compassion shown by those who prayed for God's mercy on the souls of those whose lives were cut short, and prayers for the wounded to heal.  Compassion revealed by tears of sorrow at the works of evil.   

In those instances when Evil makes itself known, let us stand together and strengthen our resolve to cast-off all doubt.  It is equally important that we be prepared to extend the Light of Compassion to all who are willing to accept it.  Our Heavenly Father is always present and His presence is made real in the acts of your compassion.    

May the Glory of our merciful God, the Compassion of Christ, and the Wisdom of the Spirit, be known to you.