The Catholic Cyber Militiaman

How we became the Catholic Cyber-Militia!

It started out as an insult, but we embraced it!

About Us

Orthodox & Loyal!

Just a bunch of Catholic laymen, loyal to the doctrines and Magisterial teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Cyber-Militia whaat???

Detractors wishing to demean the on-line activities of orthodox Catholics attempting to stand for Tradition have labeled us as "Catholic Cyber-Militias."  it was meant as a pejorative, but you know what?  Militias are composed of regular citizens to oppose tyranny.  That's not a bad description, so we'll embrace it!

Whose Church is it, anyway?

We should never forget that Roman Catholic Church was established by our Blessed Lord Himself!    Even when (and especially when) some of our bishops and priests stray off course, the orthodox faithful have a duty to remain steadfast and and loyal to the Truth.  

Recent Cyber-Stuff

Confusing Orders Lead to...

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 Amoris Laetitia is, at best, a confusing document to say the least.  Why haven't requests for clarification been answered?  Are the ambiguities intentional

Videos We Like

Check out some great devotional videos, as well as other content worth viewing.  

Pray for Abp. Viganò!

Archbishop Viganò

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has upset quite a few powerful people with his 11 page expose of clerical corruption.  He is in hiding now, and fears for his life.

Pray that he be kept safe and that his allegations are investigated fully.