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German Liturgy Deserves a Special Award!

We’ve been hearing a great deal (too much, really) from Germany these past few months. If you’ve been paying attention, you know what an absolute Modernist trainwreck their Teutonic Synodal Process has been.

But there’s good news! Those whacky Germans remain masters at liturgical innovation. They know how to bust a move in Regen-Langdorf, Bavaria! Father Andreas Artinger dances with altar servers at Easter to Dr Alban’s 1993 “Sing Halleluja,” and guess what? He’s danced his way to our second Novie Award! Filmed before a live studio audience at St. Silly’s parish, the Novie Awards recognizes the ground-breaking efforts of liturgical innovators around the world! Receiving a Novie award in recognition for your achievements in novelty, entertainment, and exciting reinterpretations of doctrine is what this show is all about! Special thanks to Gloria.TV for bringing this little gem of Novie Nonsense to our attention.

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