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Catholic Haiku: The Traditional Mass

Mount Fuji on a spring day with cherry blossoms in the foreground.


Silence in the Church
No chatter among the pews

God is present here

Images of saints
Remind all to keep the Faith
No banners of felt

Genuflecting knees
Paying homage due to God
Holy Mass begins

Solemn chants intoned
Music from another world
Lifting souls to God

Father faces East
Incense rises to the Throne
Holy Sacrifice

Thrice the bells cry out
Holy Host is raised aloft
Christ is here with us!

Chalice raised to God
Christ’s own Blood now is the wine

For us sacrificed

Down on bended knee
Christ alights upon the tongue
God within us

Ite! Missa est!
Silently now all depart
Awe-filled House of God



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Traditional Catholic Haiku: “Attacking the Latin Mass”


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Defending orthodoxy and tradition doesn’t always have to come in the form of a grand essay which lays out our arguments and apologetics in long paragraphs of well-constructed prose.  Maybe every now and then a simple little poem might suffice.

And thus do I submit this bit of “Traditional Catholic Haiku” for consideration…

Ancient Rite sublime

Reviled by the “Church of Nice”

Benedict is missed.