CCM REPORTS! Liturgical Dancers Gone Wild!

This episode of CCM Reports investigates the sordid world of “Liturgical Dancing,” an entertainment feature used in some Novus Ordo Masses. WARNING: Once seen, this stuff can’t be un-seen. Proceed with caution.


  • Christopher Chambers

    Heaven help us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Christopher. Heaven help us indeed! Thankfully, Novus Ordo masses aren’t completely overrun with “liturgical dancing.” Most, I believe, are conducted with a reasonable amount of dignity, and many are indeed celebrated with reverence. To what extent a New Mass is celebrated as a whacky gathering of kooks or whether it is celebrated as a profound supernatural sacrifice is pretty much a function of the attitude of the individual priest, parish, and “liturgical experts” involved…and whether or not the bishop charged with overseeing said parish encourages/discourages to take place.

      And THAT is precisely the problem! The leeway (whether licitly or illicitly granted) to practitioners of the Novus Ordo Mass encourages them to experiment/innovate/monkey with their liturgies in a never-ending/never-fulfilled quest to “make it relevant” for their perceived audience. When Liturgical Innovation #327 fails to produce the anticipated positive results, and Mass attendance continues to drop, the “liturgical experts” will move with confidence to Liturgical Innovation #328…perhaps THAT one will be the magic bullet which makes everything perfect!


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