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What’s That Stang Thang?

Cartoon depiction of Vatican

Yeah, today’s Halloween.  It’s a special time of the year (except for the raccoons who come to visit me throughout the year; they show up each night expecting treats, and they’re always wearing masks, so every night of the year is Halloween for them, I guess…)

And apparently, even the folks in the Vatican are into dress-up this October.  During the Youth Synod, Pope Francis was seen walking around looking like he was preparing to play Quidditch.  His staff (called a Papal ferula) looked nothing like a traditional bishop’s crozier, and certainly nothing like the trademark Crucifix which adorned the top of St. John Paul II’s ferula.

Observers can be forgiven if they sensed some sort of Wiccan flavor to the staff he was carrying.  It looked far more like a stang of the type favored by those practiced in the dark arts than it resembled anything Christian.  “Not so!” we were assured by Vatican staff (the administrative sort of staff as opposed to the ceremonial walking stick sort of staff).  The new, avantgarde and oh-so-fashionable staff was a gift from “the youth.”  If you look closely (really, really closely) you can almost–if you squint just right–see what might look like a Y-shaped Crucifix.

Taking a shot or two of the local chianti might aid the identification process.

Not only are we laity having trouble with the funny-looking staff, the Papal staff is having trouble with the staff as well…


The Secular War AGAINST Halloween (!)

Sad jackolantern with the slash symbol over it says "No Halloween"

I can remember when Halloween wasn’t a source of untold billions worth of revenue.  Back in the ’60’s, perhaps the businesses most likely to profit from October 31 were the linen companies, because angry moms had to replace sheets which had been appropriated for ghost costumes, eyeholes cut out, and, well…Anti-Jacko

Fast-forward to 2017.  The Halloween industry (“Big Halloween”?) has to be a little nervous at the growing secular (yes, secular) backlash against the holiday, surpassed only by Christmas in terms of retail sales generated.  I suppose it had to happen eventually, but even Halloween is getting trampled by the wild stampede of political correctness cascading over North America.

For years, of course, concerns have been voiced by a Christian that the holiday (which has, after all, its origin in the Catholic feast of All Saints’ (All Hallows) Day) was growing increasingly dark with its emphasis on the occult and violent (Freddy Kruger, anyone?  Is it really a good idea that kids dress up as a serial killer?).  At best, these concerns were put aside with a knowing smirk; at worst, it became another opportunity for the secular world to take a vicious swing at the Christian piñata.  In the public schools, of course, Halloween was the one holiday celebrated with vigor.

But now, this year, things have begun to change rapidly.  It’s all about cultural appropriation and micro-aggression, don’t you know?  Some poor girl wants to dress up as the Disney princess Moana, and she’s told she’s guilty of the mortal sin of cultural appropriation.  For those not keeping up, “cultural appropriation” is all the rage on the Left these days…or perhaps more accurately, it’s all the outrage.  Don’t forget that being outraged is actually a hobby in 2017.  It’s a great way to signal your virtue if you take grave offense at a manufactured/imagined insult, even if it’s not directed at you.   So you’re allowed to be offended (perhaps violently so) if somebody dresses in a fashion not intrinsic to their particular racial/cultural identity.  Wear a sombrero?  Better not, unless you can prove you’re of Mexican origin.  Dress as a Ninja?  You better be able to pinpoint on a map what part of Japan does your family comes from.  I predict that by 2020 at the latest, Swedish-Americans will be able to win lawsuits against people who dye their hair blonde without permission.

So, what does all this babbling have to do with a site claiming to be some sort of Catholic Cyber-Militia?  Well, not much, I guess.  I’m just enjoying watching the Left attack itself!

Now we’re beginning to see many public schools banning Halloween costumes from the classroom in an attempt to prevent offense.  They are instead, recommending that kids wear orange and black clothing to celebrate the solemnities of Trick or Treat Day.

Orange and Black.  Isn’t that color combo sometimes referred to as the “Devil’s Colors?”  That shouldn’t be a problem.  Unless, of course, the Wiccans  throw a penalty flag claiming cultural appropriation…