Music: Novus Ordo Style!

Traditional Catholics: You know that your days are numbered! Here at CCM, we want to ease your transition by providing you with top-notch training for your mandated transition to the Novus Ordo Mass. With our highly-acclaimed video series “Traditiones Custodes-101,” you will learn everything you need to know in order to comply with the diktats of Traditionis Custodes.

Traditional Catholics MUST get with the program when it comes to post-Vatican II musi.! In Lesson 4 of TC-101, we show you how! As a bonus feature, Amazon Bob offers an explanation of the Hermeneutic of Continuity that will clear everything up. The New Mass is in perfect sync with the Old Mass, except for the fact that the Old Mass is old, bad, rigid, and probably illegal. Special thanks to @Ipsitilla for providing the voice of Wendy the Cantor. Check out her YouTube Channel!

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