OK…So I Was Wrong. I Think…

Earlier this spring, I posted a warning about the blow that many of us thought was going to land during Holy Week 2023. Was it going to be Traditiones Custodes Part Deux? Were traditionally-minded Catholics going to be clobbered with yet another hammer blow against the Traditional Latin Mass?

Many of us thought so. Including me.

We didn’t quite see that develop as feared. That’s a good thing.

Pretty much.

But the attacks have persisted in other forms. Rome is still nibbling away at the edges of Tradition. We still see frequent sideswipes against Tradition coming from Rome. Take that Synodal Synod on Synodality, for one example.

Confused about the Synod? Father Timmy will set you on the right path to fraternity, peace with the environment, etc. etc.!

The Synod. What a mess. What a piece of work. What a disaster for the Church.

Even though the Synod brings us another step closer to unleashing the Ape of the Church upon us, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a few laughs at its expense.

And with that, we offer the following little video. It’s less than a minute.